Learning How To Manage Anger While Parenting

Managing anger is an important life skill to have, especially when you become a parent. However, many of us aren’t taught how to manage anger and don’t know how to begin to learn. Core Success is a Portland-based business that helps parents learn to do just this. Parents will find our Parenting Success series offers the guidance they need to navigate parenting successfully.

Managing Anger And Learning Your Beliefs About Anger

In our The ABC’s of Managing Anger series, we break down the basics of anger management. But first learning your attitude and beliefs towards anger, you can then learn how to manage that anger. Some of the most common beliefs about anger actually perpetuate anger and are therefore unhelpful. Core Success aims to teach people to recognize these common yet unhelpful beliefs about anger. Previously, we discussed the first two common beliefs about anger: anger equals power and it just makes me so angry. Now, we’ll discuss the third and final common belief about anger: anger is the best motivator.

Anger Is The Best Motivator

You may be under the false belief that anger is the best motivator. However, this often isn’t the case. After all, when your parents responded to things you did with anger, did you feel motivated to help, change, or improve? If you changed your behavior, were you able to understand your mistakes and how to improve yourself in the future, or were you simply reacting without thought out of fear?

If you’re ready to question your beliefs about anger in order to learn better anger management, allow Core Success to help.

Core Success Parent Series: The ABC’s Of Anger Management

Core Success’s Leeza Carlone Steindorf helps parents learn how to deal with their anger through her The ABC’s Of Anger Management – Parent Series. Leeza Carlone Steindorf is from Portland and is an experienced parenting educator, parenting coach, and the award-winning author of Connected Parent, Empowered Child. She delivers a powerful message and practical tools to individuals and organizations worldwide who are ready to break through limitations and create radical permanent change. As an acclaimed international thought leader in organizational transformation and personal development in 35+ cultures, her coaching, training, and talks inspire and empower.