How Can I Manage My Anger As A Parent? 

Managing your anger is one of the many skills that parents require to make parenting easier. h Core Success, a Portland owned business, is here to help parents learn that and more with Parenting Success series. Our Parenting Success series includes teaching parents about The ABC’s Of Anger Management. 

How Common Beliefs About Anger Make Anger Management Difficult 

Core Success teaches parents that some of the beliefs they may have about anger can prevent them from successfully managing that anger. The common beliefs about anger which we cover in our The ABC’s Of Anger Management series include: anger equals power, it just makes me so angry, and anger is the best motivator. By acknowledging which of these beliefs you have, you can learn how they inhibit you from managing your anger. We can then substitute those beliefs with beliefs that are more helpful and empowering. 

Empowering Belief #3: 

Authenticity and clarity motivate best. 

The thing that makes you angry teaches you what you do want. So ask yourself, what is it that I do want? Then, state your optimal outcome. While your children may not be eager to do homework or chores, they can know what is expected of them. This gives them a destination to move towards. 

Core Success Parent Series: The ABC’s Of Anger Management 

Core Success’s Leeza Carlone Steindorf helps parents learn how to deal with their anger through her The ABC’s Of Anger Management – Parent Series. Leeza Carlone Steindorf is from Portland and is an experienced parenting educator, parenting coach, and the award-winning author of Connected Parent, Empowered Child. She delivers a powerful message and practical tools to individuals and organizations worldwide who are ready to break through limitations and create radical permanent change. As an acclaimed international thought leader in organizational transformation and personal development in 35+ cultures, her coaching, training, and talks inspire and empower.