Core Success And Conflict Resolution 

Conflict resolution is a skill that not everyone has developed. It takes time and effort to know how to navigate a situation in which a disagreement needs to be overcome to move forward. Leezà Carlone Steindorf is here to help her clients develop that skill. Through running Core Success, a Portland-based business, Leezà has learned a lot about helping others to resolve conflict. Through her keynote speaking and executive life coaching servicesLeezà has successfully passed on this crucial life skill. Now you can learn more about Leezà’s approach to conflict resolution through her online tutorial. 

Conflict Resolution Helps Your Personal And Professional Life 

Whether you want to be able to resolve conflict within your own family, among friends, or in a professional setting, the tips that Leezà offers in her video “Tutorial for Resolving Conflict” are incredibly useful. 

The Preparation 

First, you must prepare for the conflict resolution. Set the stage so that everyone is on the same page and willing to work towards a solution together. Leezà recommends taking the time to cool off if you need to. If the conflict has already escalated and become heated, it is best to step away from it for a little while. This includes the other people who are involved too, of course. Everyone involved must be willing to work towards a solution. When the participants are angry, that anger can cloud their judgment and make them less willing to communicate and compromise. 

Another tip that Leezà suggests is to have a “talking stone” – or any sort of object – to determine whose turn it is to speak. The talking object can be any sort of object that is easily passed around – a stone, a stick, a set of keys, etc. The visual cue will remind others not to interrupt. Passing the object around will make sure that everyone has a chance to speak. 

Once you’ve done this preparation, you are ready to begin the process of resolving conflict. To learn more about conflict resolution, watch the video for conflict resolution linked above. Take these tips and tools with you next time you need to resolve a conflict with someone in your life. 

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