Learn Your Value With The Help Of Leezà Carlone Steindorf and Core Success 

Selfvalue is something that many people struggle with. After all, when you’re too close to something it can be hard to see the full picture. Leezà Carlone Steindorf and Core Success are here to help those who are interested learn to step back and know their true value. Through Core Success, Leezà helps people learn to live lives that are inspiring, empowering, and meaningful. She does this through such services as keynote speaking and executive life coaching. 

Knowing Your Value And Self Discrimination 

One of the most important steps to learning to value yourself and to support your value with your behaviors is to learn to not self discriminate. While unfortunately there are external circumstances that are outside of our control – forms of discrimination coming from the external world – what we can control is our attitudes about ourselves. You can change that voice inside of you that says you are “less than.” 

One crucial step to take to unlearn self discrimination is to look at your relationships with the people close to you. First, consider your relationship with your family of origin – your parents and siblings. Then consider your relationships with your created family – your partner, your children, your community. Consider also your relationships with your friends. 

Within each of these groups, you have an idea about your worth and value relative to the group. In these relations, what practices do you have to uphold your value? What practices do you have that devalue you in these groups? Many people continue with practices that devalue them within certain groups because they are afraid that if they do not continue those practices they will be left alone. This is one of the first things that must be addressed in order to find your selfworth. 

Learn more about how to know your value by listening to “Knowing Your Value and Self Discrimination.” 

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