About Leeza Carlone Steindorf

Founder and Director of Core Success


Welcome! I’m Leeza, and I’d like to share a bit about myself with you… 

As I see it, people already are who they so want to be. It’s not a matter of getting better, it’s a matter of recognizing your own amazingness. Guiding you to live in that way is my passion. It is why I started Core Success. For over two decades, I’ve helped individuals, corporations, schools and families worldwide to break through limitations they thought they had and to live from a place in themselves that they really love, professionally and personally.

The party line on achieving success – nose to the grindstone, sticking to rules, climbing the ladder – is a sorry second to what’s possible. Our energy and vision get lost, to say the least, when we live by expectations. Faulty communication, lack of clarity, negativity and limiting behaviors often become the norm. I know this because I lived it for years. I only inched closer to my dreams, and the life I wanted always seemed just out of reach.

During those years it burned in me that there had to be a better way — that being happy, effective, content and successful had to be possible – for anyone, at any time, not just for a few and not only through great pain. So I studied real life Best Practices of individuals, organizations and relationships that consistently define radical and ultimate personal and professional success. I identified key markers, and then I practiced those keys myself. I was soon amazed to find I had consistent success, personal well-being and happiness at my fingertips – in my work, my relationships and my life.

Committed and inspired, I used those keys to design the CORE Success™ system. Now I love to help others use these potent, practical tools and insights to achieve breakthroughs and goals beyond their expectations and no matter the circumstances. This work is extraordinary, effective, and powerful!

I invite you to join me on this adventure.

Some details…

Living abroad for decades allowed me work with people from more than 30 cultures world-wide, which gives my work a unique spin and informs all I do in a powerful way. Nonjudgment, happiness as a choice, personal connection, and Clarity-Ownership-Resolution-Excellence (CORE) build my foundation. Working internationally in organizations and educational institutions has honed my inter-cultural consulting and training skills. My CORE Success™ books and trainings – Parenting Success Blueprint e-training, Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids, and CORE Success™ for Schools (Frieden lernen in German) – draw from my expertise as a professional development trainer for domestic and international school systems and their families.

As a communication and conflict resolution expert, I facilitate organizational, professional and personal development that builds relationships and fuels creative energy. My person-centered, humanistic background and Socratic dialogue skills form my most potent training and facilitation tools and allow my clients to enjoy radical results, including raising the organizational bottom line.

In addition to my professional certifications as Mediator, Train-the-Trainer, Group Facilitator, Executive and Life Coach and Feldenkrais Somatic Education Practitioner, my family has helped me most to become the best version of myself. It is now my pleasure and honor to empower others to claim their goodness and live from their core success!

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about me, how can I help you claim your excellence, well-being and success? Click here for a free consultation or coaching session. Get in touch for a quality experience at no charge. I hope to hear from you.

who we are

At CORE Success we are dedicated to helping people in all fields achieve peak performance and optimal results. Our work is grounded in the fact that people who think clearly, feel good, understand their purpose and strive to get along are more motivated, efficient and produce higher quality work. Plus, they have more fun! Core Success LLC is a privately owned international consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon USA. We provide expert guidance, training, consulting, mediation, speaking and coaching services to businesses, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, families, and individuals aspiring to their highest and best. We are committed to educate, facilitate, equip and inspire so that you can design the business and life you dream of. We over-deliver. If you want to experience unshakable power and unstoppable forward motion Core Success services will take you there. Get in touch!

what we do

We provide specialized services to corporations, businesses, non-profits organizations, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and private individuals poised to realize their dreams. Beyond the powerful tips and practical tools we guide you to create a new context of success with our Core Success trainings, Keynotes and Inspirational Speeches, Consulting, Strategic Planning, Conflict Management, Mediation and Executive, career and individual coaching services.

What People are Saying

Leeza is an accomplished and effective group facilitator, as well as an exceptional consultant and coach. She has an outstanding work ethic, high integrity, and dedication to creating an optimal learning experience for her clients.

Natalie Rogers, PhD

Distinguished Consulting Faculty, Saybrook University, San Francisco

… She knows her stuff. Leeza is full of worldly wisdom, compassionately applied, and does not hesitate to challenge individuals or the group. The exercises she used to get us into various portions of the training were clever and insightful.
CORE Success trainings are cutting edge and, under Leeza’s tutelage, we were indeed taken From Good to Great.

Kathleen Perkins, PhD

Professor and Author

Leeza is one of the few people I trust with complete confidence to lead one of the life coach training classes my company offers. She’s professional, empathetic, extremely sharp, and a joy to work with.

John Andrew Williams

Lead Trainer, Academic Life Coaching

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