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Business Development

The System That Creates Success For Corporations, Non-profits, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs CORE Success™ offers a reliable and efficient trainings, keynotes, consulting and coaching that will take your organization beyond your imagined goals.

Business and Professional Development Trainings

From Co-Workers to Dream-Team


Our CORE Success® trainings deliver highly useful, concrete tools to achieve your goals. The forum style of teaching facilitates experiential learning for individuals, small groups and large organizations, providing optimal training and implementation. Our tools and concepts are easy to learn, highly efficient and immediately applicable. CORE Success® trainings can be tailored to the individual needs of your organization:


  • Reality Busting Power of Fact – Develop All-Round Resiliency
  • The Success Stopper – Turning the Tables on Fear


  • The Power of Ownership – Claiming the Driver’s Seat
  • Point Blank Communication – Getting it right
  • Authenticity – The Key to Success


  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Team Mediation Training
  • Bullying and Harassment Prevention


  • Attitude Determines Direction – Drop judgment, utilize assessment
  • Exceptional Corporate Culture – Multi-Culti or Homegrown

Through our powerful Control Point Model, hands-on exercises, and proven strategies, participants anchor practical ideas and hone necessary skills. Using practical examples from real life and workplace experiences, participants apply our tools to define their direction, deal with challenging situations, to perform at their peak. Our trainings offer a stimulating and challenging, yet relaxed, learning environment that delivers highly effective results.


Our trainings enable individuals to be self-motivated, positive, and efficient in what they do whether gained in an employee seminar or a management level training. CORE Success® Training participants:

  • Experience fewer sick days
  • Have less on-the-job conflicts
  • Produce a higher quality product
  • Engage more fully in their jobs
  • Identify with their organization and its mission
  • Develop razor-sharp thinking
  • Transparent and precise communication

Communication and Conflict Management Consulting

Create collaboration that is effective, powerful and cohesive.

What It Is

Communication and Conflict Management Consulting services enable you to reduce conflict and increase productivity by promoting and training transparent communication, personal ownership and human understanding. We expertly guide you and your team to identify the issues hindering peak performance and a positive work culture. Simply put, conflict and friction disrupt work-flow and lower productivity. We help you change that, from clarifying goals, to designing a plan of action, to achieving the concrete goals you’ve identified.


The ability to effectively communicate, solve problems, and carry out interest-based negotiations is key to managing and working well with people. We help you to understand the nature of conflict, and learn to deal with it in a fair, practical, and efficient manner. First we take careful stock of your current company culture, mission and communication practices. Using specific guidelines, we will present you with a plan of action to improve communication and operations at your place of business. Our goal is help you establish daily interaction that enables people to work well together, to achieve goals efficiently, and to increase productivity.


Based on your specific goals and needs, CORE Success will develop a tailored conflict management concept for your organization. Using effective conflict management you can transform seemingly un-resolvable problems and hardened fronts into constructive solutions and improve the bottom line. You’ll be provided with:

  • Status Evaluation
  • Prevention Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Manager Mediation Coaching
  • In-House Conflict Management Support
  • Conflict Management System Design
  • Mediation and Conflict Management Seminars

Strategic Planning

A clearly defined path secures a successful outcome.


Strategic Planning streamlines organizational development and guides you in a highly effective, structured process to create a successful, practical and powerful project. You will define the purpose, determine objectives and strategies, and establish the most useful plan to assure targeted success. When a company or project is conceived and planned with thoroughness, its goals are achieved more easily, more efficiently and with success. For this end result, a clearly structured and targeted approach to conception and planning is mandatory.


Starting with the end in mind, Core Success guides you, your team and your organization, through a highly structured critical thinking and planning process. We help organizations map out a clear concept, efficiently structure their work steps, and optimally utilize the human and financial resources to accomplish their aim. From conception to implementation, Core Success guides you in creating a specifically tailored plan that is streamlined, time efficient and delivers optimal results.

For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners we offer the following three formats of individiual strategic planning:

  • Master Your Strategy Group: This unique experience takes place in a highly structured sequential working group that will guide you step-by-step through a strategic planning process tailored to your specific project or business. The richness of working in an intimate group setting (maximum five) with highly motivated professionals from various fields offers you various and useful insights and challenges you to tighten your focus and streamline your plan for the most powerful results. This is a three-month commitment of one hour weekly sessions with a three-hour initial kickoff.
  • Individual Strategic Coaching: These sessions are tailored to your purpose, project and business and guide you step-by-step through a strategic planning process tailored to your specific project or business. My international business background and the Socratic process I employ enables me to cut to the essentials of where you are, where you want to go and design how to best get you there. You can book a three or six month subscription of weekly sessions.
  • Strategic Business Consulting: On call and on-point consulting that walks with you side-by-side as you move forward and efficiently helps you get to where you want to go. When your plan is in place and you want a sharp, business savvy personal consultant as a support pillar for your success, I am here for you. This service is most effective after participation in a Master Your Strategy Group or completing a subscription of Individual Strategic Coaching.

Investing the time and energy to create and implement a Strategic Plan has far-reaching, profitable and satisfying results for your team or organization.

  • Determine your purpose
  • Define overall objectives and specific goals
  • Analyze critical internal and external factors
  • Outline detailed strategies and action plans
  • Identify action leaders and a workable time frame
  • Utilize human and financial resources most efficiently
  • Achieve objectives within the determined time frame


Dissolve hardened fronts into workable solutions.


Small groups, teams, organizations, families and private parties use CORE Success Mediation as a time efficient and constructive tool to resolve matters of friction, interpersonal disagreements, and complex multi-party conflicts. Mediation is a group process that converts conflict into resolution by using interest-based communication. It is a powerful, respectful, and time-proven approach to finding solutions tailored to the specific needs of the parties involved.


In a neutral and confidential setting, disputants are professionally assisted to find their own specific solution by use of a logical and fair dialogue process. Rather than being advised, disputants are guided in defining their problem, clarifying individual interests, and cooperatively seeking a concrete and workable settlement. CORE Success facilitates understanding different viewpoints, as well as the willingness to act on agreements, as keys to achieving practical and successful outcomes.


Core Success Mediation dissipates harsh fronts, provides clarity on the elements of conflict, and produces solutions tailored to the specific needs of the parties involved.

  • Resolve conflict in a systematic, effective manner
  • Design a fair solution respectfully tailored to each party’s interests
  • Be safely guided through the resolution process by a professional
  • Create a functioning working relationship
  • Save time, energy and money

Disputing parties make use of Core Success Mediation as a time efficient and constructive tool to resolve matters of friction, interpersonal disagreements, and complex multi-party conflicts. This process benefits

  • Small groups of two or more
  • Teams
  • Projects
  • Corporate divisions
  • Entire organizations


Profit From Your Own Potential.


Coaching enables you to identify and create the success and satisfaction you desire in both your professional and personal life. It is a reflective dialogue process providing you with more confidence, ease, and clarity in doing business, facing challenges, and making decisions. Coaching enables you to clarify issues, increase awareness, define your goals, and to change uncomfortable feelings and behaviours into ease and confidence. You will learn to define what you want, both professionally and privately, and decide how to best get it. At Core Success we use a conversational Socratic Dialogue process based in the powerful person-centered approach to expertly guide you in concretely transforming limiting beliefs and negative emotions into clarity, energy and desired change.


In a confidential, accepting setting you are guided with the Socratic method of clear yet probing questions in a reflective process of inquiry. You will be able to clarify specific issues, gain understanding, resolve a conflict, or take steps toward a desired outcome. Our Coaching sessions are uniquely effective due to the person-centered, non-directive and non-judgmental approach we work from. We believe that you, our client, are your own best expert. While you determine the content, pace and direction of each session, our job is to expertly guided you to your answers. You gain a clear picture of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that determine your experience. This new stance allows you to change views and take action that serves you best.


You can use Coaching as a support tool to improve every aspect of your professional and personal life. Coaching enables you to:

  • Improve work performance
  • Increase decision-making precision
  • Act without pressure or stress
  • Eliminate fear
  • Handle conflicts with ease
  • Gain more confidence
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Achieve personal, health, and relationship goals

You walk away with less stress, more clarity, and a stronger sense of personal power.

What Clients are Saying

As a strategic planning consultant, Ms. Steindorf helped us identify and define goals, and then to clarify, structure and ultimately pursue those goals. In this regard especially, her analytical skills were a great advantage. In addition, we greatly value the professional manner with which she deals with union members and, specifically, her authenticity, flexibility and skillfulness.

Hans Albrecht

Vice President, Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. - German/Austrian Pilot’s Union

She’s an excellent facilitator – the best I have ever worked with. Leeza guided us expertly through strategic planning and offered us a value that is hard to put into words. In addition, members of our team gave testimonial that during this process they had also experienced meaningful professional and personal growth. Wow! How do you say „Thank You“ for that?

Bob Kinsella

CEO, Acesse Corporation

Leeza is a gifted communicator and trainer. Under her guidance any team could efficiently achieve goals and gain a skill set that will serve them in future endeavors, both individually and as an organization.

Cheryl Herbeaux

Athletic Board Member, Frankfurt International School

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