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CORE  Success™ for Schools

Can rigorous learning take place with a focus is on a pleasant and positive school climate? Can teachers still have classes where students are engaged, communicate effectively and work well together? Can conflict be resolved without aggression and can we eliminate bullying?

The answer is YES!

CORE Success® for Schools was so successful in Germany, it was adopted nationwide and has transformed schools in both North America and Europe. Click here or call us today and find out why!

Educational Trainings

Unlike any other program, CORE Success® for Schools enables teachers, administrators, students and families to create effective, impactful, positive learning environments where work gets done, communication is clear, conflicts dissolve and people cooperate. Core Success® for Schools provides hands-on tools for teachers to deal more easily with issues such as power struggles, conflict, emotional immaturity, rebellion, school performance, and goal achievement, to name a few. Teachers and parents position themselves with strength, clarity, ownership and intention. They develop strategic thinking, self-esteem, communication and conflict resolution skills and personal excellence. Core Success® for Schools provides potent tools to a system desperately trying to fix itself.

What it is

CORE Success® for Schools offers six condensed and powerful modules that support educators to create a more positive and effective learning environment and develop responsible and productive life-skills in their students, both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers learn how to directly enable their students to develop self-discipline, increase self-esteem, be confident and productive learners and be healthy, happy and socially responsible individuals. The individual Core Success® for Schools training modules are:

  1. Living to Thrive
  2. Raising Self-Esteem
  3. Discipline with Dignity
  4. Resolving Conflict
  5. Abolishing Bullying (Module can be expanded to a School-wide Program)
  6. Peer Mediation (Module can be expanded to a School-wide Program)
How it works

Each CORE Success® for Schools training is presented via lively, engaged hands-on instruction. Theory, case studies, practical tools, and exercises are used to explore effective methods to instill in students positive self-esteem, enthusiasm, responsibility, and living well together while dealing with the normal daily conflicts and aggressions that arise. Teachers and administrators learn how to deal more easily with power struggles, emotional immaturity, and rebellion while enhancing students’ performance and goal achievement.


CORE Success® for Schools offers six effective modules that create and maintain a positive school climate: LIVING TO THRIVE Teaches children to create their own sense of wellbeing, how to live well together, be a student of one’s self and to develop a sense of responsibility in society. Topics include classroom climate, gratitude, kindness, respect, understanding and acceptance differences, happiness, friendship, and team spirit. Students come to see their importance and themselves as a powerful influence in bringing about change in their world. RAISING SELF-ESTEEM Helps children see value in themselves, which is a key factor in determining how well children will thrive at school, at home and in the world in which they live. Building a positive self-concept and high self-esteem is crucial for the education of every child. This is the foundation on which everything else is built. RESOLVING CONFLICT You cannot avoid conflict, yet you absolutely can deal with it effectively. Children must be taught the attitude and skills they need to resolve conflict peacefully and with mutual respect. Children learn pro-social skills and strategies to build understanding, interpersonal positive problem solving, conflict resolution, effective communication, and to reduce impulsive and aggressive behavior. DISCIPLINE WITH DIGNITY Developing respect, following rules and structures, as well as building and fine-tuning self-discipline are fundamental to a positive and respectful learning and social environment. This module redefines common concepts so as to develop cooperative behavior, and presents techniques that build effective discipline while preserving the dignity of both the adult and the child. ABOLISHING BULLYING It is a serious problem with devastating results. Teaching children how to deal with bullying will prepare them for such encounters and help prevent it from happening. Practical ideas and useful strategies to develop pro-social skills, extend awareness of bullying, and prevent and deal with bullying behaviors are presented in this module. As an extension of this training, Core Success can facilitate the implementation of a comprehensive school-wide Abolishing Bullying Program. PEER MEDIATION Studies prove that conflicts mediated by peers are much more likely to be permanently resolved than those resolved by an adult. This school-wide Peer Mediation Program, run under the general supervision of school staff, offers a structured and streamlined process for students to guide their peers in discussing and resolving conflicts. Both the mediators and the disputants learn powerful communication tools and social skills, and the school climate is radically improved by implementing this program.

Sometimes not all of us teachers were working together to move in the same direction. It is so important to find compromises and, nonetheless, to proceed as a team (without losing individuality). This was made even clearer to me during these two [CORE Success® training] days. I believe I have never begun a school year with so much energy and so many positive feelings as I have this one. For that, Ms. Steindorf,  I say a heartfelt thank you.

Ute Winter

High School Teacher, Erfurt Germany

Communication and Conflict Management Consulting for Schools

Create collaboration that is effective, powerful and cohesive.

What It Is

Communication and Conflict Management Consulting services enable you to reduce conflict and increase productivity by promoting and training transparent communication, personal ownership and human understanding. We expertly guide you and your team to identify the issues hindering peak performance and a positive work culture. Simply put, conflict and friction disrupt work-flow and lower productivity. We help you change that, from clarifying goals, to designing a plan of action, to achieving the concrete goals you’ve identified. We expertly guide you and your team to identify the issues hindering peak performance and a positive work culture. From clarifying goals, to designing a plan of action, to achieving the concrete outcomes you want, you can count on us to get you there. Adding our knowledge and experience to yours results in actions and solutions optimally suited for to your specific needs.


The ability to effectively communicate, solve problems, and carry out interest-based negotiations is key to managing and working well with people. We help you to understand the nature of conflict, and learn to deal with it in a fair, practical, and efficient manner. First we take careful stock of your current company culture, mission and communication practices. Using specific guidelines, we will present you with a plan of action to improve communication and operations at your place of business. Our goal is help you establish daily interaction that enables people to work well together, to achieve goals efficiently, and to increase productivity.


Based on your specific goals and needs, CORE Success will develop a tailored conflict management concept for your organization. Using effective conflict management you can transform seemingly un-resolvable problems and hardened fronts into constructive solutions and improve the bottom line. You’ll be provided with:

  • Status Evaluation
  • Prevention Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Manager Mediation Coaching
  • In-House Conflict Management Support
  • Conflict Management System Design
  • Mediation and Conflict Management Seminars

Educational Consulting

Administrators, Educators and School Boards steeped in the daily business of educating can benefit from CORE Success Educational Consulting that helps to identify problems prohibiting excellence and facilitates the creation of fair and workable solutions to remedy them. Institutions gain streamlined operations, improved communication protocols, acquire durable conflict resolution, bully prevention tools, and a clear-cut mediation program. CORE Success Educational Consulting delivers experienced and competent guidance in the areas of:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation (link to strategic planning)
  • Conflict Management and Resolution (link to Conflict Management)
  • Educator Coaching (link to Coaching)
  • Facilitate Educational Conferences
  • Design and Facilitate Staff Development days
  • Lead Round Table discussions

Students can also benefit from CORE Success Educational Consulting with specifically designed programs that help them achieve their personal best with ease and confidence.

Click the link to Download the “Family Emergency Plan” Free PDF.

What Clients Are Saying

We’ve changed how we deal with conflict and established a common code of conduct. There is a cohesiveness among the colleagues that is very present. We are optimistic. Thank you, Ms. Steindorf, for the practice-oriented facilitation!

Annette Ristau

School Director, Neubrandenburg, Germany

CORE Success™ is one of the best programs that I have run across in a while because [it is] positive and motivating. Participants are provided with tools to deal with the day-to-day-problems that appear. I highly recommend this program as [it] offers a solid foundation for parents and schools to operate together for the betterment of children.

Wayne May, MSW

School Counselor, Internationale Schule Frankfurt

I would absolutely recommend [Core Success™ for Schools], since it deals well with relevant subjects of daily school life in a manner that is both practical and easily transferable.

Dr. Annette Textor

Professor, Technical University of Berlin

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