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Personal Development

FIND YOUR SEAT OF POWER Wouldn’t you love to feel at ease when chaos reigns or when faced with conflict? How about never again feeling the need to hide? Would you like to blast away fear’s grip and act from your seat of power? Sound good? Sound possible?
IT IS POSSIBLE! Drawing on the best of self-realization expertise and international business savvy, Core Success brings you to the cutting-edge of personal excellence. You will walk away from the experience lighter, clearer, empowered and inspired!

  • Free yourself from shame and blame
  • Build stronger, authentic and trusting relationships
  • Feel comfortable and at ease in any context
  • Transform unwanted behaviours and thoughts
  • Recover and revitalize from destabilizing events
  • Design a life you love living

Give us a call to take advantage of our coaching services, personal development trainings and keynotes (see below) and let us help you get to where you want to go.

Personal Development Trainings

Begin with the End in Mind Our forum style of teaching is refreshing, powerful and makes these trainings enjoyable. The highly useful and practical tools facilitate insight, clarity, and optimal personal growth. Book a training and experience your Clarity, Ownership, Resolution and Excellence.


Liberate yourself from being in reaction mode and learn to easily face life’s challenges comfortably from a sovereign place of choice – without anything on the outside ever changing. Create your personal and professional context with clarity and consistency with more freedom and relaxation than you thought possible. Using our very simple Control Point Model, you’ll learn to: Take control in any situation Face the facts, bury the story Get clear; act with intention. Live from a place of strength and confidence.

Fearless and Undaunted

Fears can devastate, and even immobilize us. At best, they hold us back from living fully and feeling at ease. In this seminar you will learn to identify and then dissolve your fears to propel you toward your wants. Indeed, it is both possible and practical to attend to core values, strive to achieve goals, and live without fear from a place of ease and strength. Small or large, fears will become your indicator of desires, and changes you seek to make. This shift can profoundly impact your personal well-being, your intimate relationships and your professional success. Learn to: Identify the anatomy of fear Discover the inherent desire in a fear Transform fear into intention Design fear-free action plans Live fearlessly

Conflict-Free Communication

Do you communicate to build bridges and to understand? Are you clear about the messages others send? Do you feel at ease in the face of conflict? Are your conversations, meetings and negotiations easy and effective? Whether negotiating a deal, or talking to a loved one, communication is the vehicle that gets you where you want to go. In this course you will gain powerful tools via simple models of communication. You’ll establish clear indicators to clarify the purpose of your communication, and skills to move you toward your defined goals. You’ll learn specific conflict resolution strategies that work. Your personal and professional interactions will become clear, smooth, productive and even enjoyable. In this training you will learn and practice: Streamlined speaking/ connected listening Effective and precise conflict resolution skills Creative, solution-oriented thinking Standing your ground, comfortably

Personal Development Coaching

Be the architect of a life you love living. Core Success Coaching enables you to design your life the way you want to live it and to create the outcomes you desire. You will discover purpose and clarity in your personal and professional endeavors and learn how to be at ease with all of the transitions changes, and challenges you experience. From this place of comfort and sovereignty you can reach heights you never thought possible.

What it is

Coaching enables you to identify and create the success and satisfaction you desire in both your professional and personal life. At CORE Success we use a conversational Socratic Dialogue process based in a powerful person-centered approach, that expertly guides you in concretely transforming limiting beliefs and negative emotions. You will learn to define what you want, both professionally and privately, and decide how to best get it.

How it works

In a confidential, non-judgmental, fully accepting setting, Coaching guides you with a Socratic method of clear yet probing questions in a reflective process of inquiry. While you determine the content, pace and direction of each session, our job is to expertly guide you to gain gain a clear picture of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that determine your experience. This new stance allows you to change views and take action that serves you best.

How you profit

You can use Coaching as a support tool to improve every aspect of your professional and personal life. You’ll walk away with less stress, more clarity, and a stronger sense of personal power. Coaching enables you to: • Improve work performance • Increase decision-making precision • Act without pressure or stress • Eliminate fear • Handle conflicts with ease • Gain more confidence • Strengthen relationships • Achieve personal, health, and relationship goals Core Success Coaching enables clarity, ease and change in any area that is important to you, for example: Career Choices, Professional Goals and Challenges, Personal Issues, Parenting, Sexual orientation, Couples issues, Divorce, Teens and Youth, Families, Cultural transition, Special Needs in the family

Professional Development Keynotes

All great things begin with a unique idea. Hire Leeza to speak to your conference, team or group and find out how easy it is to be authentic, feel inspired and master the challenges that come your way.

FEARLESS and undaunted

Through our powerful Control Point Modeltm, hands-on exercises, and proven strategies participants anchor practical ideas and hone necessary skills. Using practical examples from real life, and workplace experiences, participants apply our tools to define their direction, deal with challenging situations, and to perform at their peak.


Our trainings enable individuals to be self-motivated, positive, and efficient in what they do. Participants are trained in Clarity, Ownership, Resolution and Excellence, resulting in high motivation, transparent communication and targeted action. Our trainings offer a stimulating and challenging, yet relaxed, learning environment that delivers highly effective results. Razor sharp thinking, human understanding, and precise communication are key elements, whether gained in an employee seminar or a management level training. Core Success Training participants:

  • Experience fewer sick days
  • Have less on-the-job conflicts
  • Produce a higher quality product
  • Engage more fully in their jobs
  • Identify with their organization and its mission

What Clients Are Saying

Leeza is extraordinary as both insightful life-coach and soulful intuitive. Her commitment to thinking clearly and to creating a non-judgmental nurturing space for her clients creates an atmosphere where dynamic transformation can and does occur.

Mara Purl

Author , Bellekeep Books

I find that Leeza’s questions are spot-on and always help me to realize something I had not realized before, connecting dots between things that I previously had not realized were connected. She is warm and loving, always in an accepting attitude, and natural, which I appreciate immensely.

Mark Elliot

Management Consutant, Boston, Massachusettes

I have found coaching with Leeza Steindorf the ideal path to moving from who I am to who I want to be.

Allyson Bishop, PhD

Physicist, San Francisco, California

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