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Parenting is not for sissies. It’s a tough job and one you can truly love despite the intense challenges. It’s a given that you love your kids, but wouldn’t you like to also love your parenting? Would you like to have less stress, more time for fun and smooth sailing during the day even while getting chores, homework and errands done? You can connect to your kids and still sit solid knowing that your decisions are on point and your relationships strong. Above all, you will feel confident keeping them safe and guiding them well.

Training and Books

Core Success™ for Parents online training and the Connected Parent, Empowered Child book are tools you cannot do without if your intention is to be the best parent you can be. Today’s world demands far too much from you as a parent and too often overwhelms your children as growing people. Having strong, proven and value-based tools and support systems in place is vital to navigating the chaos and to raising a happy and healthy family today.

Parenting Success Blueprint Online Training - A CORE Success™ Program

The Parenting Success Blueprint training has positively impacted families from over 30 countries since 2002. It is a proven guide for creating a firm and loving framework at home, provides simple and concrete tools to create discipline and resolve conflict, and helps build the self-esteem of your children while celebrating your job as a parent. The five keys to raising happy, confident and responsible kids are taught in individual training segments along with an introduction session that helps you set goals and find the time and energy to transform your parenting and your family to the best you all can be. The learning segments include:

  • Living to Thrive – Clarify your wants, focus on the good; turn challenges into celebrations; love first … and then take action.
  • Raising Self-Esteem – Help your kids find their sense of power, of belonging and of uniqueness.
  • Discipline with Dignity – Drop punishment and utilize clarity, consistency and consequences to make cooperation the rule.
  • Resolving Conflict – Understand the anatomy of conflict and learn specific tools to prevent and also resolve conflict.
  • Abolishing Bullying – Outfit your kids to identify bullying, the parties involved and effective ways to end bullying in their lives.

The online training program brings you a wealth of information, support and guidance with video instruction, power point presentations, proven activities and impactful exercises. Leeza Steindorf, the founder of CORE Success™ and a leading international parenting, communication and conflict resolution expert, is your teacher for this CORE Success™ Program Parenting Success Blueprint online training program. Click here for more information and to register.


Coaching is an excellent way to gain support, clarity and take the pressure off. As your own best expert, we can help you answer questions and resolve issues that feel just too big to tackle alone. Leeza Steindorf is a certified coach, mediator and an accredited trainer for schools and parents. The reflective, conversational dialogue process she uses lets you easily find your answers, gain perspective and design practical solutions. You will get clear, make decisions, face challenges and design a parenting experience that is fulfilling for you and your kids. We can help you make parenting easier and transform unwanted behaviors into clarity, ease and desired action. Click here to schedule a free coaching session.


You have the most challenging and the most important job in the world – being a parent. Thank goodness it is not something you need to do alone, even if you are a single parent. Coaching is a powerful tool for any job and parenting is no different in that regard. In a confidential and safe setting you can lay out the challenges, identify the joys and design solutions to situations that you would like to run more smoothly. As a certified coach, parent and communications expert, Leeza is an optimal partner to guide, clarify questions and support your inquiry and reflection. Our Coaching is uniquely effective based on the person-centered and judgment-free approach we use. We believe that you are your own best expert. While you determine the content, pace and direction of each session, we will respectfully and expertly guide you to find your answers. You gain a clear picture of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that determine your experience and take charge of your daily life and all the challenges that parenting brings with it. This stance of strength and clarity allows you to change views and to take action that serves you and your family best. Coaching is an effective path to help you feel truly great about your parenting and your life.

What Clients Are Saying

The bickering has stopped, stress has dropped and now we actually have fun together as a family. I can’t remember the last power struggles or yelling match. We’ve learned to deal with problems fairly and quickly and move on. If someone had told me parenting could be this easy and pleasant (!) I would have laughed in their face. Now … I’m laughing because I’m happy!

Cindy Gerlach

Mother of three, Portland, Oregon

With Parenting Success Blueprint you will learn to deal with problems in a fair and reasonable manner as they arise and will instantly see a change in the attitudes of people around you when using the strategies learned. You will find a positive way to look at situations. Also, it’s the end of the crime/punishment cycle and the beginning of how to be responsible for your own actions. It works!

Dawn Read

Fashion Consultant, Oxford, England

Over the years, I have consulted with Leeza many times when I ran into problems and issues with my children. Dialoguing with Leeza has without fail supported me in reframing the challenges at hand and finding solutions. Thank you!

Petra Andres

Organizational Consultant, Bad Homburg, Germany

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