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Jack Canfield Endorses Leeza

Master Trainer and international bestselling author of The Success Principles, Jack Canfield says in this interview, “If you need conflict resolution, better communication skills, to be more open, congruent, find your purpose and be aligned, whether it’s in your corporation, in your school or in your personal life, I would encourage you to talk to Leeza.”


  Take your Good to Great – in business and life – using CORE Success™ cutting edge trainings, inspiring keynotes
effective consulting and transformative coaching services that create radical improvement with
measurable results in targeted time. You can get clear, take charge and dissolve conflict to
achieve excellence in business and to get the most out of your personal life.

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Corporate & Start-Up

Would you like to grow your company more easily? Do you want to increase productivity and reduce stress? How about resolving conflict easily and retaining the best of your staff? We can you get there … and beyond. We'll help you create a positive work climate, inspire employees, strategize objectives, streamline your processes and achieve, positive targeted results in record time.

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Schools & Youth

Are you tired of cell-phones, skipping, or the prevailing “who gives” attitude? Are curricular demands too much and support from parents too little? We can help you create cohesive, engaged classes and a positive school climate. CORE Success™ for Schools is an effective, empowering and proven program that transforms the teaching and learning experience at school. Teaching can be fun again.

Parents & Kids

Has an attitude of sass crept into your home? Do you want to connect with your kids rather than argue? Is it a struggle to get your kids to do homework or chores? Well, you’re not alone, and it can be easier. CORE Success™ for Parents has proven effective with numerous cultures over a decade of time. Get the insight, tools and support to be the parent you want to be. We’ve got your back and your kids will thank you.

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Personal Growth

Do you ever feel stuck in the status quo of your life? Are any of your relationships less than nurturing and exciting? Do you get frustrated often, feel resigned, or would you simply like to have more fun? You can get clear on what you want, decide where you want to go, and define the best way to get there. You can step into your power and thrive. Let us help you be the best you can be.

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CORE Success™ Trainings

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Conflict Management

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Consulting and Coaching

We Redefine Success

Success is not something you get; it is who you are. Use our CORE Success services to radically improve your communication, dissolve conflict, and find ease and enjoyment in your everyday work and life. When optimism is low and friction turns to conflict, clarity, enthusiasm and cohesiveness suffer. Whether at work, school or home, a group that communicates clearly, resolves conflicts easily and collaborates well, results in people feeling good, being more productive and creating unexpected and amazing results. We teach you how to turn your effort into ease and transform human behavior into functional excellence so you can do what you do best without the static or strain. Clarify what you want, think strategically, act from your seat of power and be the architect of your project, your work, your relationship, your life. Our international expertise and our proven tools and strategies are engines for success – and more fun! – and we’re committed to helping you get to where you want to go fast, easily and efficiently. Call or write us and we’ll show you how.

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