Parenting Success Blueprint

How to Love the Toughest Job You’ll Ever Have

Taught to over 30+ cultures, this uniquely powerful program provides practical tools, proven methods and valuable universal insight to help your kids be all they can be, achieve self-esteem, happiness and success while enabling you to be relaxed and enjoy the job.

Parenting Success Blueprint

This online training delivers the CORE Success™ system of practical tools and strategies to guide and support you through today’s crazy world and to relieve family stress. Here you will find keys to transforming difficult family dynamics and building closer connection with your kids. What you practice daily will benefit you all for a lifetime. By becoming the kind of parent you want to be, you will empower your children and create the honest, loving and strong family relationships that you dream of.

In this training you will discover how to:

  • Turn sass into respect.
  • Dissolve conflict without getting angry.
  • Get connected and stay connected, even to your teen.
  • Create discipline that works for all.
  • Improve communication skills of the whole family.
  • Enjoy a pleasant home life that brings out the best in everyone.

In this course you will receive five modules of practical training, not prescriptive yet proven best-practices, to guide you well through daily challenges and in building a solid connection with and foundation for your kids. You will have video instruction, power point presentations and downloadable exercises that you can do on your own to anchor your learning. You’ll learn to deal with your kids in a way that feels best to you and to your children. Having been taught to more than 30 cultures over the last 12 years, Parenting Success Blueprint is proven, global and universal in its application. It’s an effective and ease-filled way to be the parent you’ve always dreamed of being.

Our efforts as parents should be satisfying for us, build a new foundation of strong and empowered youth and let us feel hopeful and energized as the adults guiding them. Parenting Success Blueprint will give you the practical tools and steps to connect, empower and happily take your children and your family to where you want go.

About the training’s companion book:
Connected Parent, Empowered Child is a gift to parents who’d like to transform their relationship with their children. Leeza Steindorf offers a set of parenting tools which bring more ease, clarity and cooperation at home and enable parents to raise happy, confident and successful children.“

—Natalie Rogers, PhD, Distinguished Consulting Faculty
Saybrook University, San Francisco

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