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All great things begin with a thought.

Your audience will be alert, informed, entertained and inspired when Leeza Steindorf takes the microphone. Whatever subject she’s speaking on – intercultural snafus, interpreting information accurately, understanding the mind of a teenager, or quick and easy stress relievers, to name just a few – Leeza brings her vitality, warmth and humor to provide a unique perspective on issues that concern us all.

Whether you have a conference for 500 or a team of 15, attendees will be engaged, intrigued and will walk away from your event lighter, more hopeful and more energized than when they arrived. Leeza can speak to your desired theme or deliver one of her keynotes tailored to your group’s specific needs or focus.

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Keynotes to Book

Beyond Conflict - 5 Keys to Communication Mastery
Clarify conflict, dissolve discord and create collaboration.

You think you’re being clear. You hear what the other person is saying. So, why do I feel we’re not on the same page? Why is the discussion escalating by the minute? What is going on and how can you get connected or stop this speeding train from derailing?

Often what we think is clear and what we call listening can actually make matters worse. Speaking the obvious, being transparent and asking curious questions, like a Martian would if dropped at Disney World, open up worlds and make even the toughest of conversations ripe for resolution. We step into being very present to what is being communicated. When we’re in the middle of it, miscommunication, and especially conflict, can feel overwhelming and unmovable. Yet, few steps and simple insights enable you to hear, be heard, resolve and build connection.

CORE Success™ for Schools and Parents
Powerful talks on real issues and practical solutions.

The serious issues facing our youth, our schools, our families are not insurmountable. Let’s talk about what is working, what needs to be changed and outline how to fix things.

We know what needs to be done. Time, money and energy are too often maxed out. We need methods and tools that work well, fast and deep to redirect us. CORE Success™ addresses the factors that can turn this tide: building self-esteem, communication and conflict resolution skills, dealing with bullying, really living from a positive attitude toward yourself, life and others.

Focusing your attention, taking a stand for what you know is good and acting from a place of intention and clarity are the basics that often get lost in the chaos. Here are some keys that will assure us a generation of healthy, strong and happy kids and a future we can gladly look forward to. This talk is informative, insightful and full of hope.

Reality busting power of fact
Imagine this scenario:

You work really hard on a project at work and are quite pleased with yourself. Your boss, however, ignores your efforts and even complains about your work ethic. Perhaps you then feel uptight, angry, sad or even hopeless. You feeling great has now deteriorated to frustration and tension. Now, what if your response to that scenario is based solely on a model you’ve been taught, a certain way of  interpreting events in the world? What if you could change that model and get a different, nicer, outcome for yourself to the same event?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel totally at ease in such circumstances? You put in your best effort and, when your boss (partner, child, friend, etc.) not only misses the point or even has a gripe to boot, you never leave your place of ease and comfort. You watch them go off and respond with clarity and ease. Can you imagine? Think that’s possible? Well, it is. And this talk will show you how.

With a simple model in hand, universal and powerful, you can sit in the driver’s seat of your experience at any time and in all contexts.

Being Fearless and Undaunted
Turn the tables on fear – Be dauntless at will.

There is a simple anatomy to fear. Once you’ve learned it, you can turn your fears into a detailed tracking system and use it as a launch pad for every desire you have. It’s not about overcoming fear or twisting it to look better. It does not have to be hard work to be fearless.

In this talk every day examples will make the steps to transform fear simple and accessible. You will come to see that your wants and dreams have been hijacked and that you can clime back into the driver’s seat and be fearless for good.

Never hide again
Be fully yourself – at all times – and love it!

Many of us have learned to hide, mask our truth, say something nice when we don’t really feel that way. Being authentic is your sure fire way to self-confidence and the certainty that you are liked and wanted for who you are. Authenticity is often confused as a license to be rude. Not so! Being who you are, sharing your goodness, being honest and respectful with your frustration, is giving yourself full permission to be genuine … and that just feels solid.

Insightful, radically honest and refreshingly uplifting, this talk will give your audience the permission and then show them the way to be who they are, without apology and with a happy heart.

When we venture to see things differently we find our wings.

Out of Zee Box
A global comedy with local appeal.

Living abroad for over 26 years and spending time in 37 countries has taught me a lot about different cultures and the variety in business and life. I have also learned that for all of our differences, we are very much the same. The humor of our diversity helps us remember our shared humanity. Amazing real life facts, intriguing stories and remarkable experiences – from India to Germany, Bali to Shanghai, Botswana to Sweden – punctuate the lessons to be learned for business and life.

The shrinking size of our world has made it clear that we are all in this together. With Leeza you can take a refreshing look into what keeps us unique while appreciating the common bonds we share. Why not learn from each other and enjoy the ride!

All CORE Success™ services are tailored to the unique needs of your organization or project, and offered in either English or German.

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